Published: 27 September 2016

Save the Date: Saturday 26th November 12.00pm - 2.30 pm

The Juniors Season 2 finishes on finals day in November and we would like to invite players and families to enjoy our Juniors End-of-Season Celebration.

Please join us at North Park to enjoy some social tennis, pizzas and trophy giving as we celebrate the end of another enjoyable tennis season. Further details available shortly

Published: 08 September 2016

Round 8

Great victory last weekend from the D-Special team and congratulations to the players involved. The ladder is tightening, so consistency is the message for all players. Every game and every two points will be important from this time on. The message is do your best, don’t worry about errors, encourage each other and enjoy.

Published: 31 August 2016

Round 7

Our D3 team played West Brunswick who appear to be the contender for the D3 special competition. West Brunswick is a very strong team with consistently strong serves and strong returns. Even so we were narrowly defeated 29-27. The D3 competition is very tight with the spread from 1st to 7th being 20 points. The ladder is shaking out but the competition is wide open and our players are playing tennis in a positive and respectful way. We should all be excited about the improvement of the D3 team.

Round 6

Our D3 team played away against the Sydenham team - the competition front-runners to date – but not for much longer! Today both teams found themselves equally matched, which was reflected in the lead changing in each game. After a great match, the last sets of the 1&4 players had a 6-2 win to equalise the scores at 23-23. Then, the last nail-biting game between the 2&3 players found themselves 4-1 down, but through perseverance and some luck they won 6-4! All players are showing much more consistency and confidence in their approach to serving and returning the ball each game. A really positive result – bringing us close to the top - well done team!

Published: 14 August 2016

Round 5

We won, we won, we WON! But wait, there's more.... We won against the TOP team in the competition! To put that into perspective, heading into this round Strathmore's percentage of wins to losses was 173%. We were 85%. Theoretically, we didn't have much of a chance. Luckily no one told our players that! Out they went and played their very best. Yay us! Final score for PHNP C Special 1 was 44 to Strathmore’s 38. Best of all, our players remained friendly, polite and sportsmanlike throughout. Good job guys.

Published: 10 August 2016

Round 4

C Special 1, playing at Princes Hill - Plan A: Arrive early and make sure everything was ready for 7:45am start. Reality: Electronic gates won't open before 8am, even with the code. Plan B: Send a kid over the fence to let us in. (Thanks E - If VCE doesn't work out, you show great promise as a burglar.) Once in, the challenges continued...we were one player down due to unexpected illness, so we forfeited two sets. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as there was another competition scheduled for a 9:30am start. If we'd had to get through all 6 singles matches using one court, we'd probably still be there! Our players took all this in their stride and played some great tennis. In the end we only lost by 11 points. Good job guys. And a special mention to Finn who showed great sportsmanship and maturity when only able to play one set this morning.

Round 3

There was a narrow loss for our D Special 3 Unisex in very trying conditions of icy, icy weather and wind blowing a gale – such that high balls went backwards - slight exaggeration but not much! A solid performance by all players but it’s hard to get serving confidence when the wind is blowing so strongly. But out in Greenvale, C Special 1 had a beautiful morning and with 12 courts and a coffee machine - now there's serious tennis court envy! Well done to Eli and Logan for winning their doubles and their singles matches. Logan and his opponent were very well matched and the game could have gone either way but Logan managed a 6:5 win in the end. Great job. Congratulations also to Emily and Mara on winning the girls doubles. Thanks to all players and parents for making it on time (and awake!) Farewell to Henry - who is heading off overseas for the rest of term. Have a great trip. Enua - please recover SOON. Not putting any pressure on or anything but we need you back. :-)

Round 2

D Special 3 Unisex played at home, starting with heavy rain in the early morning but by 9:30 it was clear and cold…very cold! The team played well and the serving is getting much better. North Park got some good results and overall an enjoyable day with good friendly competition. Jake was playing on his birthday so it was a good start to the weekend for him especially. We love our tennis!!!

Round 1

C Special 1 has an enormous THANK YOU to Cameron who stepped up from North Park's D grade team to be the emergency player today with two of their regular boys were out injured. He did a fantastic job, despite being very nervous about playing his first ever singles match. And welcome to Logan who played with us for the first time today and is set to be a great addition to the team. Well done to Olivia and Logan for their singles wins and to Emily and Mara for their win in the girl's doubles. Special mention to Henry who played the last match of the day and only narrowly lost in a tie-break to Doutta Galla’s no 1 player. We're off to a good start!