Members' FAQs

I have recently become a member. When I book courts online, why am I still charged the public rate?

Unfortunately, the booking system cannot immediately recognise that you are already a member.  Usually, it takes a week for the booking system to be automatically up to date with the membership system.  Please contact us using this form and we will fix this for you as soon as possible.  If you have been charged an incorrect rate and would like us to process a refund, please fill in the refund request form.


I need a Leave of Absence, how do I go about it? What are the rules in respect to leaves of absence? 

The club will grant leaves of absence for a variety of reasons including moving away from the area for a period of time, long-term injury or illness, pregnancy and other family reasons.  If the member notifies the Membership Secretary via email the club will usually allow the member to return to full playing rights without payment of the usual joining fee.  If notice is not given to the Membership Secretary then a joining fee will apply when rejoining the club.


I am ceasing my membership of the Club, what do I need to do?

As a matter of courtesy it is expected that members contact the Membership Secretary if they choose to cease their membership. The club also appreciates if the member provides the reason for their cessation of membership.


I would like to play competition next season, how should I express my interest?

If you are interested in playing competition we need to know well ahead of the season as the associations require registrations several months before the season. Contact


I would like to purchase a club shirt, who do I contact?

For club shirts and other club merchandise contact the Club Secretary via


I would like to join the Committee, who do I contact?

Either talk to any of the current Committee members or alternatively email the Club Secretary


I have a suggestion that I would like to put to the Club / Committee, how do I go about it?

If you have any ideas to improve the club talk to any of the committee members about it. If you email the Club Secretary with your suggestions they will usually be addressed at the following Committee meeting.


Can I bring visitors to the club?

Yes. Rates for visitors with members are set out here.


I would like to hire the club’s facilities for a group event, how do I go about it?

As a member you may be able to hire the club facilities during off-peak times.  Please send your request to the Club Secretary with details of your event including purpose of hire, proposed date, start and end times and expected number of people attending.  Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date for assessment by the club committee.  A hire fee will apply.

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Carolyn Webster

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